Beamm: A Collaborative Research Experiment in Public Policy Evaluation

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In the ever-evolving world of academic research, innovation often stems from unconventional ideas and approaches. At the Center for Applied Public Economics (CAPE), we decided to explore a novel way of organizing academic research, exemplified by our unique Beamm project. Beamm is not just a research endeavor; it’s a transformative online platform bridging the gap between academic research and practicality, enabling policy makers, civil society, and citizens to engage in the detailed evaluation of public policy reforms. Yet, what truly sets Beamm apart is the extent of collaboration that is unusual in academic research in economics and social sciences.

Collaboration as a Research Strategy:

At CAPE, we firmly believe in the power of collaboration. Our researchers, each specializing in diverse fields including economics, statistics, mathematics, and engineering, work together harmoniously on a day-to-day basis. Their collaboration isn’t just a matter of convenience; it’s deeply ingrained in our research culture, enriching our collective knowledge base and strengthening our resolve to make an impact in public policy evaluation.

Interdisciplinary Strength:

Beamm’s strength lies in its interdisciplinary nature. The diversity of expertise within the team enables us to tackle multifaceted challenges with a holistic approach. We actively foster a culture where sharing insights and knowledge is the norm, allowing us to develop a comprehensive understanding of complex public policy issues.

Progress Presentations and Collaborative Feedback:

Our commitment to collaboration is further evident in our unique practice of progress presentations. Researchers very regularly share their work, providing an invaluable opportunity for knowledge exchange. After each presentation, typically 10 minutes and focusing on the progress made since the last presentation, the team collectively provides extensive feedback. This feedback process, fueled by the interdisciplinary nature of the team and the alignment of research topics, is a cornerstone of our research effort.

Societal impact:

The global aspect of Beamm extends beyond our research team. The platform itself is accessible to policy makers, civil society organizations, and concerned citizens worldwide. It ensures that our research has a global impact, empowering stakeholders to scrutinize, engage, and participate in public policy discourse.

A Testament to Academic Research Collaboration:

Beamm is more than a research project; it is a testament to the potential of collaboration in academic research. It showcases how researchers from diverse backgrounds, can come together to address complex policy questions in an academic context. By uniting our expertise and working collaboratively, we aim to contribute to a more inclusive, informed, and accountable public policy landscape. In conclusion, Beamm represents a global collaborative initiative in public policy evaluation. It exemplifies the potential of collaboration, transcending disciplinary boundaries to create an inclusive and impactful research environment at the service of evidence-based public policy making.